How To Send Clear Video From Android To Iphone

How To Send Clear Video From Android To Iphone

How To Send Clear Video From Android To Iphone. You may also find it in the app drawer. Open the photos app on the iphone.

How To Send Clear Video From Android To IphoneHow To Send Clear Video From Android To Iphone

Select the “sync music” and choose the playlists, then press sync. The main problem with mms is that most carriers have an incredibly strict limit on the size of files that can be sent. In itunes select your device and you’ll get a control panel view for the device.


Now, Open The Drive App On Android.

To send a large video from android to iphone or to transfer batches of videos from iphone to android is not an easy thing. If you’d like to share a bunch, select them. Navigate to the video you’d like to share.

Connect Your Iphone To Computer Via A Usb Cable > Open Dcim Folder When Your Desktop Recognizes Your Iphone > Choose The Videos You Need And Copy Them To Your Local Hard Disc > Put The Videos Into A Folder And Rename It.

Here are the detailed steps: Press the leftmost button on the on the bottom, which is the share button. Open google photos on your android.

In Itunes Select Your Device And You’ll Get A Control Panel View For The Device.

The next step is to take your android device to complete the transfer process with the “move to ios” app. Install and run it, then log in with your google account. On your android device, open the move to ios app.

Open The Move To Ios App.

On a mac, install android file transfer, open it, then go to dcim > camera. It can be downloaded free of cost. Sharing with people who have google photos.

Upload The Files To Your Desired Folder.

Go to the folder where you uploaded media files. Tap on select and then agree. Choose the video that you want to send over a messaging application.

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